Weekly Writing Prompt #20

I don't know about you, but I need almost every aspect of my life to have a soundtrack playing in the background. Sounds easy enough; however I spend so much time procrastinating over the 'right' soundtrack, I can lose hours down Spotify rabbit holes. I'm sure it's not healthy and it's certainly not productive, but when I finally find the right playlist to suit the time of day, the mood, the task at hand, I'm in my element.

While writing or editing my soundtrack needs to be upbeat to keep me energised but not distracted. This mix of French, Chill and Electronic has been on high rotation of late:

Though apps like are Spotify convenient to just select and sit back, I still love listening to my vinyl when I'm not working. And that is exactly where this week's prompt comes from.

Taylor Hernandez

What do you listen to to keep motivated and on task?