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Structural editing - Structural editing (or developmental/substantive editing) focuses on a broad view and aims to ensure that the structure, content, language, style and presentation of the document are suitable for its intended purpose and readership. This service includes a detailed report. A structural edit does not address issues of spelling and grammar; these changes occur in a proofread or a copy edit.

Copy editing - Copy editing aims to achieve accuracy, clarity and consistency in a document. This level of editing takes your content and revises, rewords and corrects it to remove mistakes, errors of expression and inconsistencies which may confuse readers.

Proofreading - Proofreading is the process of correcting surface errors in writing, such as grammatical, spelling, punctuation and other language inaccuracies. It includes making sure that all elements of the document are included and in the proper order, all amendments have been inserted and the house or other set style has been followed.

These services often overlap to some degree. To discuss which service would be best suited to your project and budget, please contact me.

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"Carly was incredibly collaborative in her approach and an excellent project lead."

"Not only does Carly bring a full set of editorial skills, she is an ace project manager and has a great eye for content development."

"Carly produces high quality work – the changes suggested really improved my paper, and it was a quick and easy process to review the edits."