Weekly Writing Prompt #36

I don’t know if you noticed (maybe not because I know your busy), but I completely dropped the ball last week and missed posting a writing prompt. Being busy isn’t a great excuse, in fact, most of us make every attempt to express to others how busy we are everyday. What do you say to the friend you haven’t seen in awhile who asks what you’ve been up to? ‘Good. Same old, busy!’ As a society we've come to glorify busy. We've all been tricked into believing that if we are busy we are important. But that's untrue. We’re human beings, not human doings, yet we always seem to have to be doing something.

That’s not to say that there’s something wrong with being busy. We need to have goals and be working towards achieving them, and striving to create a beautiful life for ourselves and those we love. It gives us a sense of purpose and direction and helps us feel good. But let’s find a way to do all these things and still have time to do the things that bring us joy, like nothing. Do nothing on your own, do nothing with your significant other, do nothing with your friends and family. When was the last time you stopped to just be? Went for picnic or a long walk in nature? With no agenda other than to just appreciate the experience of being in that moment? We invest our precious time on things that we shouldn't and it leaves us less hours in the day to invest wisely, on things that do matter.

So, if you feel like you don’t have time to write this week, that’s ok, but ask yourself why. Make sure you invest your time wisely and make room for things that bring you joy.

Luke Ellis-Craven