Weekly Writing Prompt #38

Happy Hump Day! Which reminds me of a book. Have you ever read Tracks, by Robyn Davidson? Before the hype of Cheryl Strayed’s Wild (which I also love), Australian Robyn Davidson, trekked the Outback from the Glen Helen Tourist Camp to Hamelin Pool, Western Australia, 2,700 kilometres, In 1977. She hiked through the hot sun with her four camels and her dog, Diggity, for nine months (after three years of preparation in Alice Springs). According to Davidson (reluctantly dubbed ‘The Camel Lady’), although the trip appeared to be a case of ‘inspired lunacy’, there was a method to her madness, as she sought to test and push herself to the limits of survival.

It became a seminal trek that would inspire other adventurers, spawn a movie adaptation and see her memoir never out of print.

The book is as much about Davidson’s pilgrimage as it is about the Australian landscape and I can’t recommend it enough. This week’s quote comes from the opening page.

Annie Spratt

Weekly Writing Prompt #12

I'm in New Zealand y'all! We thought my 40th was a great excuse to jump on a plane and see some of the world. Granted, New Zealand is closer than a lot of Australia is to us but I have always wanted to see this beautiful country. The house/cat sitters were called and here we are!

This week we are travelling from Queenstown across to Dunedin and then up to Chrsitchurch. Do you have any recommendations of things to see and eat? That's generally how I travel. To where the good food is.

This week's prompt is all about unplugging. Do you need a holiday? Why? Where would you go?

Michael Armadeus