Weekly Writing Prompt #11

This week, I turn 40. It's taken me a little bit of time to be comfortable with that number. It may still take a little bit of time for me to be able to say it without stuttering, but I'm getting there. I am starting to feel differently about my life and my attitude towards it though. Apparently that happens and I'm willing to embrace it. There are things I'm looking forward to such as not compromising my values to suit others, not apologising when I haven't actually done anything worth apologising for, standing up for myself more and not caring so much about what people think about me. People are right when they say by the time you reach 40 you become more resilient. I know now what constitutes an actual crisis and how to handle shit situations and let go of shit people. It's a bit sad it takes until 40 for some of us to learn these lessons but that's life, and I am loving my 40 year old life.

Enjoy this week's prompt no matter what your age!

Andreas Weiland